Marketing Tools:

 The QR code can be very easily saved to your device 
It can be used on your website, business cards, menus, fliers, banners, business front door, etc.

Saving the QR code

ChromeOS: Right-Click

Mobile: Press and hold

Windows: Right-Click

Mac: Control-Click


Portal page

The portal page features only your information. This is a free service, subsidised by the directory.

You can use the portal QR code and shortlink in your marketing materials, directing your target audience to your entry and your entry only.

Portal page QR code:
(Links Only)

Portal page address: 

Full featured Detail page

Standard Sterba format. This page displays more data and not only the various online presence links. You can use this version of the page instead of the portal, depending on your needs.

Detail page QR code:
Detail page address: 

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