Become an Admin

Help your local community

Help your friends and neighbors find what they need.

You, being the member of the community, are best able to know the "what and where" that is needed and should be listed. All listings are categorized by location and topic, to help others find what they need.

Advertising space

Every listing entered has an associated advertising space associated with it, the admin of the entry gets to use it however they wish.

They can use it to advertise their business or let their friends and family use it for advertising, absolutely free.

It is also possible to set a monthly price someone else could pay to use the space to advertise their business. Should someone be willing to pay (or negotiate) the asking price, they are put in direct contact with the owner of the listing and any transaction can be negotiated directly.

These are 100% commission-free transactions. We will cover our expenses by other advertising, which does not displace admin-placed ads.

Gold rush scenario

It will be advantageous for you to join the project before others discover it as you will be able to choose, create and dominate topics.

Later it will be more difficult for newcomers to think of sections which do not yet exist. While later users will be able to supplement existing categories in a particular region by adding entries with missing information, those who already administer these topical sections will have a definite early bird advantage.


  • Free advertising
  • Sell ad space, make money
  • 100% commission-free
  • Free platform, no fees

Admins maintaining data on Sterba get to decide on the ad rate next to each of the entries. Should someone wish to advertise, the particular admin is contacted directly. The type of payment is completely negotiable, whether in person or online, using local currency or even direct trade of any type.

One can choose to display an advertisement for their own business or organization next to the entries, or trade advertising for other sections on Sterba with other admins.

Sterba is a free platform where individuals, groups and companies can maintain data and collect advertising revenue from it. There are no limits on the numbers of entries per account, one can always add more data to gain more ad spaces, as long as each of the entries is checked at least once a year.

For those wanting to scale up their efforts, not only do we allow for bulk data imports via .CSV files, but the upkeep of every entry can be delegated to the entity or owner of the business being listed. Additionally, for admins may assign editorial access to all of their entries in specific categories to anyone working with or for them.

Ownership of an active and relatively complete topical section, or even the entire inventory, may be sold to anyone else wanting to take over.

Do you want to get involved?

It is not difficult to participate, there are no costs involved - all one needs is a computer and Internet.

This is a 100% free platform. The back end of things, all things technical such as programming, servers, backups, upgrades, data allocation, scalability - all are taken care of and paid by us.

If you are interested in becoming an admin and want to maintain a topic or section on Sterba, please tells us a little about yourself and what you would like to do, contact the Global Admin...